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Engine Oil is the 'Life Blood' of your Engine

What does engine oil do?

Engine oil lubricates, cleans, cools and protects the engine and all moving parts to eliminate excessive wear.

Why change the engine oil?

Engine oil is manufactured with friction modifiers and cleaning agents necessary for the modern engines of today. These additives are sacrificial and therefore after a period of time are no longer evident, leaving the oil contaminated with harmful acids and sludge which causes wear.

Lack of oil changes or prolonged periods between oil changes is a major factor in premature engine wear and oil seal failures.

How Often Should the Oil be Changed?

We recommend:
For normal use (mostly highway driving) – 10,000 kilometres or 6 monthly whichever occurs first.
For severe use (short trips, stop and go traffic, high speed etc.) – 5000 kilometres or 6 monthly whichever occurs first.
High performance engines, diesels and turbo-charged engines - 5000 kilometres or 6 monthly whichever occurs first.

Manufacturers have now introduced longer intervals between oil changes – 15,000 kilometres and upwards. Whilst this would get the vehicle through its warranty period, we are encountering premature engine component failure because of these extended periods.

What Grade of Oil should I use?

This depends on what vehicle you drive. When we change your engine oil we use the grade most suited to your engine, using manufacturer's guidelines.

We personally recommend our clients change their engine oil every six months or at the very least once a year. After all it is far cheaper to change your oil than to change your engine!