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Why you machine the disc rotors when you replace the disc pads

Modern vehicles today have better braking systems than the earlier models. So basically vehicles can stop better and faster - but to do this they cause more friction and get hotter faster which can cause the disc rotors to warp and bend. You can sometimes feel this as a brake shudder or it's like your brakes are 'pulsing'. Excess noise can often be heard also due to 'glazing' that is caused by heat.

By machining your disc rotor surfaces at brake pad replacement time, you are ensuring that your braking system is back to an 'as new' condition and therefore your vehicle is more efficient and safer to drive.

Rotors are measured before machining - if they are under minimum thickness then it is recommended that they are replaced.

NOTE: Don't wash your wheels just after driving your car as the cold water hitting the hot brake parts causes disc rotor distortion, again leading to shuddering and pulsing.